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How to Measure The Size of The Box


For special packaging, these dimensions are required for product protection! The size of the box is an important part of the package as it affects the cost of materials and manufacturing required, as well as the cost of shipping and storage. Minimal shake of the box minimizes damage space and lowers overall cost.

Accurate carton measurement for single packaging projects is actually more complex than you might think. Understanding how to measure your box size correctly is one step to creating the perfect package. It may sound like basic math, but measuring it accurately requires some considerations. So, what exactly are the dimensions you need?

The three main dimensions to measure a box are length, width, and depth. First look at the hole in the top of the box and measure the following dimensions: A square cardboard box should theoretically have the same sides, but the package may not. So measure each size carefully to make sure the packaging matches the product.

For a long box, the depth and width are much smaller than the length as shown below. The type of box you choose depends on the size and shape of your product.

However, regardless of the box type, the dimensions required for production will always depend on the length, width and depth. Industry standards for box dimensions are based on internal dimensions, and it is very important to differentiate between internal and external dimensions to obtain the correct packaging for your product.

More accurate internal dimensions of manufacturers and products! Most manufacturers are very specific about internal and external dimensions for good reason.

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