Paper Packaging Manufacturer in Bulgaria

Polycart LLC is one of the leading Bulgarian manufacturers of cardboard, plastic, foil, and rigid packaging and office and school supplies. We offer packaging services in five areas depending on the clients and the type of production. We consider the countries of Southeastern Europe as our local market, where we are the most competitive from a business standpoint. Thanks to the region’s affordable labor costs, we are able to keep the cost of the final products to an affordable amount.
With time we as a company kept updating our machines and technology, incorporated new ways of working, and the services expanded into the packaging of all kinds, but our area of expertise to this day remains the manufacturing of customizes cardboard packaging.

We offer a wide range of packaging boxes and paper bags of different models and styles, and if nothing seems fit what you are looking for, you can touch up any of our existing products with an additional print to fit your liking, or we can help you design an appropriate for your brand packaging from scratch.

Kraft Packaging
Custom Packaging