Producer of Luxury Offset Printed Paper Bags in Balkans

Offset printing allows for a high-quality prin with vibrant colors while keeping the cost low. Due to the expensive setup, however, this is the case only with long-run printing, the more you print the cheaper the individual cost.

Nowadays, paper packaging is becoming an increasingly favored alternative to plastic, and continues to replace plastic shopping bags. While their recyclability is certainly a reason for their popularity, they are also significantly more durable, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye. All this makes them an integral part of the shopping experience.

Paper bags aren’t just a means for your customers to carry around purchases, they can be found in every store and carried around by anyone and that makes them an excellent opportunity for advertising, so an interesting, eye-catching design can make a big difference to your sales and people’s impression of you, and when it comes to business, the public opinion is extremely important. Aside from the high-quality print, you can renovate your paper bags with additional elements such as embossed, matte, or hot print.

Black Paper Bag
Printed Luxury Paper Bag Handles