Before we start preparing your offer, you should consider the product you want holistically and gather information about the materials you need.

When submitting an inquiry by email, the customer must specify a few things about the item they want.

You can attach the type of box or package you requested and a sample photo for a quicker response from our team.

If the material weight is known, it should be indicated. If the customer isn’t familiar with this detail, it’s preferable to share what will be in the box so the technician can determine if it’s paper, rigid material or cardboard is best.

Circulation is a mandatory part that must be included as it is used to calculate the materials required for production. If customers are hesitant, they can request multiple edition offers and choose the edition that’s right for them.

If you have ready-to-print files, you should present them so that we can work with them and take a closer look at the colors used.

All company emails are active and monitored by team members. Each email sent by a customer brings together a team of technicians, designers and constructors to discuss how to create the highest quality product.

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Kraft Packaging


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