Cardboard Box Producer in Europe

Polycart LLC is an independent specialist in the field of cardboard box in Europe. We offer a full service from the first stages of design to final delivery.

Packaging has always had a significant influence on customer’s decisions. As a packaging company, we are aware we have an important mission to satisfy our customers. That is why we also realise custom orders, whilst constantly adjusting our range of products to the market needs. For many customers, well-designed packaging not only protects products but also is what separates thoughtful brands from their competitors.

The cardboard box is one of the most preferred packaging options due to its lightness, strength and durability.

They can withstand the impact of transportation and handling. The lightweight of corrugated boxes makes it extremely economical material to use as it reduces the logistics cost to a great extent. Dense  cardboard construction means that the contents are shielded from moisture, which can pose a real danger, particularly in places with high humidity and long delivery times. Cardboard can be reused in thousands of different ways, from customers reusing them as boxes to send their own parcels, to storage boxes. Using colors and logos, cardboard can quickly be transformed from dull packaging into vibrant and exciting protection that makes your brand easy to identify.

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