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Custom Product Packaging Boxes

The box you choose for your product is always an important part of your brand’s visual identity. They must reflect the product in terms of aesthetics and quality. We can make your packaging dream come true.

With Polycart Packaging LLC Custom Boxes, you can find packaging solutions for a variety of products.

Retail box

Made of simple and elegant cardboard, it looks great on a shelf. You can push the box in and out. Premium paper and high quality printing keep the boxes out of the crowd. They have four versions.

Reverse folding side (RTE)

The top and bottom closures swing in opposite directions, with the bottom flap on the front and the top flap on the back.

Straight fold (STE)

Comes with folding top and bottom flaps. This creates a clean and elegant front panel with no raw edges. Both valves are on the back so nothing interferes with the cutouts placed on the front panel to display the product. Easy to assemble saves time. This box is very versatile.

Bottom box with snap closure 1-2-3

Used almost exclusively as a bottom seal. There is a large locking panel that goes in first, then two dust flaps and a small locking panel. Often combined with an upper closure. 1-2-3 Lock is an economical packaging solution for bulk orders and has a fast-folding process. Choosing a package of heavy items is probably not the best idea.

Automatic background lock

This is an automatic lower closure, often combined with a raised upper closure. The base is easily attached by pressing the opposite corner of the casing, giving it a solid bottom. This is ideal for busy production lines where packages need to be assembled and filled as soon as possible. This box does not require a strap to hold the bottom together, reducing extra costs.

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